Omron M2 Basic Review

Omron M2 Basic

Omron M2 Basic blood pressure monitor

The Omron M2 Basic is a well-made, fully automatic one-touch upper-arm monitor that provides an efficient and accurate way to check for high blood pressure simply and quickly. Like all Omron monitors, this one is clinically validated to give an acceptably accurate reading. The M2 Basic gives a comfortable inflation and unlike some other basic monitors achieves a reading on the first inflation without needing a secondary, sometimes uncomfortable inflation for higher readings. It does this by using Omron’s “IntelliSense” technology which only inflates the cuff as much as necessary while automatically detecting the correct inflation pressure. A thoughtful touch is a hypertension indicator; a small symbol on the display which indicates if the reading is above the recommended level of 135/85 mmHg. Like most monitors, the M2 also displays your heart rate in Beats per Minute (BPM).
  • Last reading memory, so you can compare your current reading with the last one.
  • Easy one button operation.
  • Large, clear LCD display. (This is important if like me you take your measurements first thing in the morning, when squinting at tiny figures in semi-darkness is not an option.)
  • Easy-wrap medium cuff for 22-32cm circumference arms. A large cuff is available as an optional extra for arms with a circumference of between 32-42cm.
  • 4 x AAA alkaline batteries supplied.
  • Soft storage bag.
  • User manual and record chart (Languages are: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Arabic and Russian).
Also available separately is a 6V DC adaptor to avoid the need for batteries.
In summary, the Omron M2 Basic is a sturdy, reliable, easy-to-use monitor that offers all the functions you need to keep an eye on your blood pressure. But please don’t be put off by the “Basic” tag. Although this is arguably an “entry-level” monitor designed mainly for general household use, it will give you quick, easy, accurate blood pressure measurements with no fuss. At the price Amazon are offering it for, the Omron M2 blood pressure monitor represents excellent value for money.
Note: Omron also produce the M2 monitor (as opposed to the M2 Basic), which is fundamentally the same monitor, but with an internal memory for the last 21 readings. The price difference between the two is minimal, so if you think the 21 reading memory would be useful to you, then by all means go for the M2.

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  1. Mark Post author

    Thanks for your kind comment. I tried to be fairly comprehensive, and as I have hypertension I hope I can be a little more helpful than some lucky people who don’t!


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