Omron M3 IntelliSense Review

New Omron M3

New Omron M3 IntelliSense blood pressure monitor

The Omron M3 is (at the time of writing) a new addition to the range, being an updated version of the previous M3 model. It offers fully automatic, quick, comfortable and above all, accurate blood pressure monitoring and as with many of their other BP monitors, utilises Omron’s IntelliSense technology which ensures that the correct cuff inflation pressure is detected automatically. The M3 will detect irregular heartbeats, and will automatically decide if a reading is usable or if a repeat measurement is required.
To help you decide if the Omron M3 is the right monitor for you, here’s the full list of features and benefits:
The unit is very simple to operate with just one button press required to take a reading. As mentioned above, the M3 uses Omron’s IntelliSense technology to ensure the correct inflation pressure is used. Consequently, readings are quick and the cuff does not over-inflate, causing uncomfortable or even painful measurements. There is also a new cuff-wrapping indicator feature that will let you know if the cuff is not correctly applied.
The M3 is supplied with a soft storage case and a medium cuff, catering for an arm circumference of 22cm to 32cm. A large cuff is available as an optional extra, that will cater for arms 32cm to 42cm in circumference.
The monitor takes 4 x AA alkaline batteries which should give around 1500 readings, although the batteries supplied with the unit may not last that long. You may optionally purchase an Omron AC adapter “Q” if you can’t be bothered messing about with batteries.
A large, clear LCD display means easy-to-see results. However, as is normal with this type of monitor the display is not backlit, so this may be an issue in very low light situations. If you need a backlit display, consider the Omron MIT Elite Plus (also reviewed on this site). Another new feature to Omron monitors is a blood pressure level indicator. This will verify that your BP is under the recommended level of 135/85 mmHg. Additionally if an irregular heartbeat is detected, this will also be shown on the display.
There is an internal storage memory for 42 readings with the date and time automatically appended. Obviously, this can be very useful if you want to see how your blood pressure is doing over a period of time.
As a result of the above features, only accurate results are displayed on the M3, and the unit will automatically decide if a reading is inaccurate and needs to be repeated. There is also an automatic averaging mode in which three readings are taken within a ten-minute period. The unit then shows an average reading of the three. It’s reassuring to know that in common with other Omron monitors the M3 benefits from being clinically validated for accuracy.
To summarise, the Omron M3 is a new addition to their range and offers quick, comfortable, clinically accurate readings with one press of a button. The supplied cuff caters for arms from 22cm to 32cm in circumference. The unit takes 4 x AA batteries (supplied) or alternatively an optional mains adapter is available. Results are shown on a large easy to read LCD display which in addition to the standard systolic, diastolic and pulse readings, also informs you of irregular heartbeat and hypertension. There is built-in memory for 42 readings with date and time stamp, and also an averaging mode that will automatically average three readings taken over a ten minute period.

4 thoughts on “Omron M3 IntelliSense Review

  1. Bob

    Having purchased an Omron M3 a few weeks ago I would like to suggest two simple improvements:
    1 >> that the plug at the end of the tube be a 90° unit which would make it much easier to “repack” with the tube attached until the following use. This would make it easier to avoid having to unplug and replug at each use.
    2 >> that the “bag/material container” be more rigid so as to be able to drop the unit back in and with the zipper going around 3 sides, not only 2 ½ times around. At the moment it is a bit of a juggling act to keep the unit, the armband with the tube together whilst zipping the bag closed.
    Thanks for reading

    1. Mark

      Hi Bob,
      Thanks for the comments and I hope you found the site useful. I’m not affiliated with Omron directly, but I have passed your comments onto them. Hopefully someone will take note!

  2. Ross Cunliffe

    The Omron M3 intellisense is an absolute piece of rubbish! I have now had two of these. Neither worked correctly and, with the second, it didn’t work at all! My arm measurement fits in the middle of the cuff range and the device tells me the cuff is fitted correctly. Nevertheless, the device only ever shows an ‘E’ for error message, this after probably 20 attempts. Do not buy one of these ‘paperweights’! Total waste of money.

    1. Mark

      Hi Ross, thanks for taking the time to post a comment. I used an M3 for about 6 months and must say I found it to be reliable and reasonably accurate. Maybe I just dropped lucky. Regardless, it seems Omron have a quality control issue so although I have no direct affiliation with them I will pass your comments on. I will of course withhold your name and contact details. In the meantime I hope you have found a reliable monitor.
      Best Regards,


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